General Visual Description

·         The environment is an overgrown Victorian-era cemetary. The place is barely maintained: foliage spills over old stone walls, weeds grow through the masonry, the church roof is crumbling down, and the once grand courtyard is cracked and falling apart. The caretaker's old wooden cabin is sagging with the years and has recently been attacked by the animated corpses of the mad scientist's experiments. The wild paths and overgrown cemetary rows look much like Highgate cemetary in England.

Time Period

·         The cemetary has existed for centuries. Most of the old mausoleums have been around for just as long and have been somewhat maintained by the caretaker and the old money families whose relatives are buried within. The only structure that has changed since the beginning of the Victorian-era is the Crematorium, which has been renovated for the mad scientist's use.



·         The location is a lot like London , situated inland from a great sea, and thus fog often hangs around the area mingling with the smoke and ash.  Like Britain during the Victorian era, a wealth of metals has recently been used to make steel frame structures in this fictional Victorian city.  Although most of the city has since evolved during the age of steam, this area has remained mostly stone-structures rather than steel framed structures due to the lack of official interest in renovating such a relic of the past


·         Victorian Era architecture and Steampunk

·         Some gothic designs for the mausoleums and church area with an almost sci-fi like magnitude to the crematorium itself



·         The stonework is mainly granite and cement, the newer add-ons are mostly steel and iron in nature crafted by the mad scientist’s workshops.

·         Wrought iron forms many of the railings and fences in the area