General Visual Description

            The environment is inside of a crematorium in a large Victorian era cemetery with a hint of steampunk mixed in—though it is readily apparent that it’s been ages since the place was last used for its intended function.  It is a massive building, easily the size of a large warehouse.

Time Period

·         The crematorium is ancient, having first been a part of the nearby church grounds before the coming of the plague and then later a crematorium when the church-going population dwindled and bodies began to pile up due to the disease

·         During the age of steam an unknown “scientist” took up in the crematorium (long since abandoned after the times of the plague) and converted it for his quest to discover the secrets of eternal life – appropriate mad scientist devices, churning gears, and steam stacks have since been added



·         The location is a lot like London , situated inland from a great sea, and thus fog often hangs around the area mingling with the smoke and ash.  Like Britain during the Victorian era, a wealth of metals has recently been used to make steel frame structures in this fictional Victorian city.  Although most of the city has since evolved during the age of steam, this area has remained mostly stone-structures rather than steel framed structures due to the lack of official interest in renovating such a relic of the past


·         The environment used to be for housing the dead and cremating the bodies of those killed by the plague as a means to stop the spread of disease; however, now it has been converted to a more insidious use.  Massive steam engines now power the machines of a madman inside and large stacks have been pushed through the original stonework to accommodate the devices now housed within.  Some of the original tombs and mausoleums have been left undisturbed outside.



·         The stonework is mainly granite and cement, the newer add-ons are mostly steel and iron in nature crafted by the mad scientist’s workshops



·         Victorian Era architecture and Steampunk

·         Some gothic designs for the mausoleums and church area with an almost sci-fi like magnitude to the crematorium itself



·         Originally it was only stonework masonry and lumber supports like what were used to build castles but during the age of steam it was updated with steam engines to drive the devices hidden within and automate the cremation process