The Crematorium


·         Create a level with a lot of atmosphere that also tells a story

·         Utilize interesting sight-lines that show the player's progression/relation to the rest of the level; the player should not feel 'lost in a sprawling complex'.

·         Utilizing existing/imported sounds to create a creepy setting

















The player starts off entering the crematorium through a service passageway and enters into the old incinerator room. A KEY is on the floor. The USE key on the object opens the door to the next room. There is an old PHONOGRAPH, bumping it plays a recording giving backstory.

The next room has two PHONOGRAPHS which can be played giving foreshadowing and backstory. Below the grates, the player can see where they might progress next.

The Pit Room has an elevator that is not working, a door to the Engine Room, and weakened wall that must be broken with the SLEDGEHAMMER that leads into the old storage room

The Engine Room leads to an office with another PHONOGRAPH. It also has a SLEDGEHAMMER which can be used to break down the wall in the Pit Room. Once the SPARE PARTS are recovered from the old storage room, the engine controls can be repaired to make the elevator work again.

The Old Storage Room can only be accessed once the weakened wall in the pit is broken with the sledgehammer. It contains the parts needed to fix the engine room controls.

The Elevator Shaft ride has several sounds and particle effects to simulate a haunted atmosphere

The Second Floor Lab has another PHONOGRAPH and more particle effects to simulate a haunted atmosphere. The player can also look down into the Engine Room from here.

The Outdoor Walkway leads into a small tower room from which the player can look out over the surrounding cemetary and zeppelins. There is a ladder leading down into the Office.

The Office balcony has the last PHONOGRAPH and is the end of the level before a planned cutscene and level transition.