The Bayou


The bayou has little evidence of human occupation. There are only occasional wooden bridges with spikes on them built by the cultists. Most of the area is covered with rotting bayou foliage and fallen trees. The water is thick and murky, and slows the player's movement significantly. The mutant crocodiles from the previous area make another appearance here, harassing players as they progress further into the bayou. At the end of the waterway is the Church. All the swamp foliage has retreated away from it as if it is cursed, and any trees close to it are long dead and fallen.


Using all available dry land is essential. As the player has learned from the previous area, lingering too long in the water draws the attention of the mutant crocodiles. In order to survive, the player needs to stick to dry land whenever possible and swim quickly across submerged areas. Cultists have built several bridges in this area that can be lowered by the player's melee or throw ability - throwing an object or hitting the locking mechanisms on each bridge will lower them. The bridges are also lined with spikes jutting downward (normally acting as gates to keep the waterway restricted- careful timing can allow the player to crush a pursuing crocodile underneath the spikes.


The player has just come from the Slave Quarters Bayou area and is offered a brief respite of dry land in between the two areas. The cultists have temporarily lost the player's trail and so players may feel more inclined to take this area at their own pace.



Bridge #1 provides training for the player on how to lower the bridges. A voice-over cue will alert the player to the locking mechanism on the player's side of the bridge. Objects can be thrown at the mechanism or it can be bashed to lower the bridge. This is a safe inland area and players can solve the bridge puzzle at their leisure.

Bridge #2's locking mechanism is on the other side of the waterway. The player must quickly cross the waterway to get to the locking mechanism - it has no clear line of sight from the player's end so throwing objects is not an option.

There is a weight on the patch of land near Bridge #2. The player must use a switch to release the weight, thus opening the blocked gate to the next area. To save time, the player can now lower bridge #2 from this side and cross back over which is much faster than going through the water again.

Bridge #3 can only be lowered by throwing an object, as the locking mechanism is on the other side of the bridge. An infinite supply of wood chunks from fallen trees can be obtained along the path to the bridge - though they disappear soon after they are thrown.