The Compound


The Compound is a strange amalgamation of three distinct 'periods'. The original 18th century plantation, the late 1800s classrooms and finally the cultist-built shantytown. The cultist theme prevails, and surviving buildings from the previous periods have been added on to by the cultists, providing plenty of nooks and crannies for cultists to hide in.


This first area mainly uses a push-mechanic, with the player on the run from tons of angry cultists. The design is mainly linear with this in mind; the player has a good idea of where to go next and not get trapped by the pursuing cultists. The bashing technique comes into play in several areas, being used to break down blocked doors. The throwing technique is also used to bring a ladder down from the Tower, allowing the player to climb up it.


When the player arrives after the Dusty Road sequence (a drive to the plantation where backstory is given) the Sheriff and the player get out of the police car. A body is suddenly hurled through the air and the bellowing cry of the Burly Cultist mini boss is heard. The body slams into the police car, knocking it back and blocking the path back to the dusty road. The other police cars are abandoned, and so the player is told to check out the Manor. The Manor door is locked and suddenly the Sheriff shouts. The player turns around and finds that cultists are surrounding the Sheriff and closing in on both of them. A surviving cop standing by the Classroom door shouts for the player to get in, giving the player their first goal: to get to the Classroom.

The Warrens Top-Down






In the first Classroom area, the cop braces the door behind the player and tells the player to look for a way out. The bash mechanic is reinforced (the first use being in the Dusty Road sequence) by having the player bash down the door to the next area.

On the second floor the player must fight a couple of cultists who have climbed up the balcony and through the windows.

In the room past the encounters there is a hole in the ground covered up with immovable boards. Through the cracks the player can see the door the cop was holding suddenly get bashed in and the cultists drag the screaming cop out. Players should get the idea they need to keep moving.

A cultist busts through the door to the next room and can be fought or bypassed.

The exit to the classrooms leaves the player on a tiny bridge linking the Classroom to a cultist-made watchtower. The player gets a brief view of freedom before the bridge collapses, leaving the player in the middle of Shantytown.

The player's main goal becomes the Tower, a gigantic structure serving as the main landmark for the entire Shantytown. In the tower, the player must use the throw ability to bring down a ladder that provides access to the upper floors.

The Stranger is seen in this area, and as the player approaches him, the tower floor falls away, crushing a few cultists below, leaving the player in the Mill. Cultists from above being to strip away the sheet metal roof, letting in shafts of dusty light.

After leaving the Mill the player runs through the Cafeteria, which serves as an arena for the Burly Cultist mini-boss fight. Defeating the Burly Cultist provides access to the second floor Classroom area.

Cultists from below begin throwing rocks in through the windows and a cutscene takes place soon after showing the character running and jumping into the Manor through a window.