Slave Quarters Swamp


This area has long been abandoned since the time of the plantation.  The bayou has largely covered up the ruins of the structures.  The tiniest hint of stone beneath the muck and moss is the only sign that people had once dwelt here.  The cultists built rickety, raised wooden piers as an alternate route to the church in the woods; however, poor maintenance has led to several collapses and 'unfortunate' encounters with the twisted animal life.


Coming after the adrenaline rush of the chase in the compound and the cat and mouse game of the plantation, the player might feel inclined to take a breather here.  What follows is a sequence to keep them on their toes but without overly challenging them.  Pacing-wise, they are pushed forward but the danger can be easily avoided by a clever player, offering some respite from the constant action.


The player leaves the plantation house and immediately ascends a raised wooden pier.  Tiny bits will crack and fall into the water, with creaking wood audio cues, and if the player glances to the right, they will notice crocodiles bathing in the sun (a bit of foreshadowing).

SPECIAL NOTE: When the original pier you were on collapsed, the boards on the northern end spike upwards and splinter, forming a somewhat-subtle barrier on the other side you couldn't reach.  However, this gives the player a cue to NOT jump off the pier again, which would land them right back where they started; the incline would be steep enough to prevent the player from just walking off before they realized where they were accidentally going (the only way would be to purposefully jump off again, and even that might be blocked depending on the credibility of the broken pier design)

Slave Quarters Swamp










1. The wooden pier collapses to the right, the left side is still intact, the support lattice between the wooden pylons form a natural barrier so the player cannot swim past the pier to the left.  Additionally, the crocs let out a piercing bellow, their heads splitting in half (clearly alien) and      slide into the water towards the player

2. One wall of this collapsed building (on the right) has crumbled inwards, forming a ramp, allowing a clever player to jump to the island to the right     (which is faster than swimming it and probably getting eaten)

3. This island has detritus from the piers.  The boards (in cyan) can be picked up and used to quickly form bridges, making it much faster to cross to (4) without too much water-slogging

4. This raised pier is collapsed on its southern end, allowing the player to climb onto it.  The northern end is still raised out of the water, which allows them to either place a board as a bridge or jump to the building   north of the pier (5).  The wall closest to the pier is crumbling, high enough so the player cannot pass if they are in the water, but low enough so they can jump through if they're on the pier at (4)

5. More boards are in this building that can be used to quickly cross the watery areas to building (6)

6. More boards for area (8)

7. This pier is collapsed on this end, allowing the player to climb up.

8. The player can either bridge this gap with a board and walk across or run-jump the distance.  However, since crocs are in the water close by, it is        advisable to use the board just in case.  The pier then continues on to the previously designed slave quarters house.  Trying to swim the rest of the way to the church will most likely end with the player being eaten by crocs, as a dense tree line forces them to swim almost to the        slave quarters house they would have had to walk to anyway using the pier