About Me:

Love of Game Design & Storytelling

Ever since I was a kid I've loved creating games and writing stories. I started off making board games on large sheets of perforated printer paper and also a "side scroller" using a large ream of paper threaded through two cardboard cylinders and an open ended shoe box. I also got into writing short and long fiction in Intermediate school, and in addition to writing my stories, I've also worked on many poems and stories for my games. For several years I moved on to Qbasic programming to create several small games, but I realized that I disliked getting bogged down in the code and losing sight of the overall design. I began designing games and maps for other engines like RPGmaker and Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption. I also began to brainstorm and draw up design docs for countless games that I wanted to make in the future and realized that being an artist wasn't enough for me - I wanted to be a designer and to have a hand in creating "the fun factor". I started learning how to use the Unreal Editor at the Academy of Art University and also taught myself Valve's Hammer Editor. In addition to my school work, I've continued to design games and write their stories.

Passion for a Variety of Game Genres

I appreciate many different styles and genres of games. My early favorites were mainly RPGs from Japan like Final Fantasy but I quickly realized I enjoyed the customization and character choices of other RPGs like Baldur's Gate, Fallout, and Deus Ex much more. I also like turn-based and real-time strategy games like Civilization, The Sims, Company of Heroes, Warcraft, and the Total War series because of the long-term reward for good organization and planning. Ever since my MUD days I've enjoyed World of Warcraft and Puzzle Pirates as MMO games for the player dynamic and community building. I also enjoy FPS games ranging from Counterstrike to Thief, and some of my current favorites are Halo, Ghost Recon, and Gears of War, which I think fuse elements of strategy with exhilarating action really well. I've also really enjoyed other games that fall under other categories like Indigo Prophecy, Star Control, Wing Commander, Brain Age, Crimson Skies, Guitar Hero, and Beyond Good & Evil. I find that having such a wide range of interests keeps me thinking of new ways to approach the other games I love.

My Goals

I'd love to design games for a living or at least have a hand in how the game plays out doing level design. When I see a well designed game I often think about how rewarding it would be to create such a compelling experience unlike anything found in other forms of entertainment like movies or books. After listening to several presentations done by XEODesign's founder Nicole Lazzaro about the psychology behind what makes games fun, I also became interested in how different games elicit certain types of emotional responses from players across the board. It's my belief that games, being able to generate feelings of personal triumph and a sense of community (whether through competition or cooperation) have so much potential - and definitely something I'd like to be a part of.

Quick Facts

Other Interests: All periods of history (esp. Roman, Medieval, Victorian, and WWII), Travel, Minorities & Women in Games

Favorite Hobbies: Writing, Reading Fantasy & Sci-fi

Favorite Sports: Fencing, Cross Country & Track